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SEO is multi-faceted. Do your research to get the right professional

There are no magic bullets for Search Engine Optimizing your website. SEO is a compilation of several systematic online action items. It is time-consuming when done properly:

  • Some built into your website
  • Many more involving Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Listing with a variety of entities
  • Advertising (including pay-per-clicks by Google and advertising in other venues)
  • Other actions, including newsletters and more!

The list should be sculpted to your precise type of business and your audience(s) (i.e., markets).

So, here’s the skinny, if someone or some company is offering a 1-time service addressing your SEO needs and they leave it at that, you will have spent a lot of precious money on something that will only put you a notch ahead, and probably only temporarily so.

Alternatively, if they offer an ongoing SEO program for you to implement yourself (it is likely you can handle the majority of tasks yourself) then this is a far better service. I suggest you take it.

In the meantime, linking here will present an SEO list of items that should be embedded in your own site, and important ongoing action items, which many website designers/developers are positioned to offer. If you have any questions about a list of SEO services you’ve been offered, we’re happy to help you by taking a quick look at your business, website and providing feedback in light of what you have been offered.

In all cases, expect that effective SEO will require either a few hours of your time weekly, or a considerable payment plan to an SEO specialist (possibly costing more than than your website design). The more the competition for your business type exists in your region, the more important SEO will be to your success.