In 1989 the WWW (world wide web) was an exciting venue of every sort of information; images and text and some script that did neat little tricks. What is referred to as “Web 2.0” – the second generation of the design and functioning of websites on the Internet – is an amazing dynamic assembly of online tools, from business administration to research; from multi-media content to a truly interactive social media! If you have not internalized the powerful tool that your website could be, then just take a look at some of the things websites can do these days:

agency and executive job searching
car anti-theft tracking and gps
comparison shopping for consumer goods
computer hardware testing
computer virus scanning
consignment and flea market trading
dating and relationships services
digital photo editing
free web-based email
home security surveillance
logo design and graphic arts services
mapping services
music and file sharing
news feeds
online audio
online banking
online health counseling
photo gallery services
private investigator and confidential search services
project management tools
special event and wedding planning
spread sheet related admin
team organizing
video hosting
word processing

Call Media Architects (978-463-9151) and get some of this in your website and have your online office develop your business – even while you rest and enjoy the summer!