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We New Englanders are tough customers. Not only are we “conservative spenders” and self-sufficient as a rule, but we embrace as much of the “show me” position on new information as our sister State Missouri. But then, they can’t decide whether it’s pronounced “Missoura” or “Missouree”, and we Damn Yankees can make a decision!

Nevertheless, the substantiating information as tall as Mt Washington is often required to coax a decision to improve, redo or even have any website at all for us of a certain age.

So, here I am, wanting to make this valuable recommendation all at once to every stubborn Yankee out there; make your site great (competitive!) in every way. It is your most important piece of any contemporary marketing strategy for your products and services. It will cost you less than newspaper ads, have countless more applications, and it is what your client base expects to see. To not have a modern, engaging and flexible  website compromises the perception that your business IS a business. And another thing, it just makes you look really cheap. What does that say about your willingness to do for your clients and customers? What does it say about customer service?

A Guide Post?

What stands in the way to profound improvements is recognizing the vast ineffectiveness of virtually any website designed approximately 5 years ago or even more recent (depending on the sophistication of the designer at the time). The non-professionally created site only gets worse as it sits there unimproved over years. The older site is guaranteed not to recognize ever-evolving search engine requirements (SEO). It does respond to the way people expect and want to see things displayed on the Internet, and it surely does not lend itself to being viewed on different browsers and electronics from a iphone to a tablet. We’re soon seeing IE version 10, with IE8 now already 3 years old. And IE8 can not display the new design protocol of html5, which is already being used out there!

Let’s leave it at this: talk to me. I’ll give you a 45 minutes of insight gratis (15 of which will be reviewing your current website before we have a phone or skype appointment). I have years of experience myself and a team that collectively doubles mine, with expertise in virtually all areas of design, development and security. Please use the form on to start the process. I will personally respond within 2 business days.

Best regards, Isa Cann

I happen to love standard newspapers for what they mean to journalism, community and even advertising, Imagebut when I hear that someone can’t afford a 1,500. website, I want to choke myself. “Are you kidding me?”, I think to myself. You paid for a print ad in the local newspaper for $500.-1,500. easily, which ran for a day or two, but you won’t pay for the most important promotional and informational venue in contemporary society that runs for years (indefinitely, with updates). And with so much more content that these two advertising venues can’t even compare!

And search engine optimized (SEO), your website will get you ad mileage in ways that no newspaper can touch! You may be selling your widget to India, designing websites for Australian businesses, or find your speaking engagement in rich Dubai had you applied the ad investment in a proper website, instead of a newspaper ad.

So, be practical. Ante up for the great website that only a marketing focused designer with SEO insights can provide and spend the lousy 1.500.! This is your only consistently sustainable and immediately effective choice in the modern economy.

Here are 2 sample newspaper ad rate sheets in my region: