I arrived at an [almost] shouting level when the Virgin Mobile, VM, “Advisors” on the phone. They were highly undertrained, made worse by limited English skills at crucial times. The Advisors can’t be faulted. In whatever developing region they are from, they were pleased to have the job and they were doing the best they could. BUT VM is a rich company! They could hire people with excellent English skills to service American customers.

Furthermore, the help menu for phone support has every option but the one you want. You can go through a myriad of menus and never hear a reasonable option like “customer service”. I learned to just keep saying “advisor” or “customer service”, etc…” until I was sent to a human.

I know that these may only be start up service issues, but they cost me approximately 4 hours total on the phone. If you have the extra money to spend on a service with Verizon or ATT, I’d say go for it, if your “time is money”!