What do you hope to gain when you spend time reading my blog? Don’t you have enough to do already? I am betting that you have placed some confidence in me and have hopes of walking away with something of consequence to build your [Green] business sustainably. If I do waste your time, please let me know! I seek improvement.

Why “Rogue Marketeer”? There are a couple of reasons: because it’s not always cool to be Green for one. There is a ethical component in Sustainable Development versus the fast and furious burnout of natural and human resources that has been typical of  most businesses to date since the Industrial Revolution. But those who venture to build economically who also take care of the natural environment and consider the social implications of their work need their advocates too, and are not always supported by the greater marketplace.

Another is that I can be brassy about what I research and post. I am not dancing gently around media subjects like Harvard’s communications director, but rather spelling out the marketing and communications insights in blunt terms. I’m half German and half Yankee, so there’s little chance I’d do it any other way. 

Yes, you know me. I’ve been ghost writing for other companies to develop their businesses for some time, and now it’s time to write on my own behalf – for your benefit. I spent a heap of dough earning a masters degree that intentionally focuses on helping organizations grow, whether profit or non-profit. What use is it if I don’t share all that dang learning?

Note that a lot of what I have to teach or share will be a product of research in the New England area. Though we (Media Architects team members) use the tools of social media and we are steeped in the Internet with our noses hard-pressed against our computer monitors, we are based in New England, as is most of our clients.Beyond marketing, website insights, seo and all that, we have real, physical lives here in New England. We love our historical, richly landscaped Northeast Coast of mountains, oceans and farm fields, not to mention one of the greatest cities in the World, Boston: “Love that dirty water. Yeah, Boston, you’re my home”. Can you say “Red Sox”, “Cape Cod”? And cheers to the home of the most open-minded State in the Union, and to the one most famous for bad drivers!

My mom always asked me if I was “being productive” when I was child, so I have to be able to answer that in the affirmative every day! Come back and learn something. I promise it will be productive.