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I happen to love standard newspapers for what they mean to journalism, community and even advertising, Imagebut when I hear that someone can’t afford a 1,500. website, I want to choke myself. “Are you kidding me?”, I think to myself. You paid for a print ad in the local newspaper for $500.-1,500. easily, which ran for a day or two, but you won’t pay for the most important promotional and informational venue in contemporary society that runs for years (indefinitely, with updates). And with so much more content that these two advertising venues can’t even compare!

And search engine optimized (SEO), your website will get you ad mileage in ways that no newspaper can touch! You may be selling your widget to India, designing websites for Australian businesses, or find your speaking engagement in rich Dubai had you applied the ad investment in a proper website, instead of a newspaper ad.

So, be practical. Ante up for the great website that only a marketing focused designer with SEO insights can provide and spend the lousy 1.500.! This is your only consistently sustainable and immediately effective choice in the modern economy.

Here are 2 sample newspaper ad rate sheets in my region:



On a weekly basis, in an effort to provide good customer service, I repeat the answer to a common question. The underlying question is really “Why am I paying for a custom website when everyone tells me I can do it myself on WordPress?” I try not to giggle or smirk. Many, many people come to me only after their (or their neighbor’s kid’s) frustrating attempt to avoid paying for a professional product, not created by a professional marketing and business development business like Media Architects in Massachusetts.

This is a typical dialogue, from which I removed the name of the inquirer:

“By A Reader:

I’m looking in to starting my own online shop and very new to everything. So after I buy a domain and hosting, I have to start a store front. And to do ecommerce I need a Shopping Cart and PrestaShop looks great. So once I download it, does it come with a template/design for the website? And what about if I want a different design like from Dreamweaver or any other design, how do I use PrestaShop with it?

Can someone please list a step-by-step instruction of what needs to be done?


By MediaArchitects:

Dear Reader, Prestashop is one of the good ones; very powerful. It still requires some healthy knowledge and graphic talent to set it up and have it appear as you want [to brand your products]. To further the challenge, you ask about Dreamweaver. Here’s the thing: Dreamweaver is for people whose profession is to design websites, are able to start a design from scratch, and don’t require WordPress or similar canned – but powerful – products. It is not that the Dreamweaver designers don’t use the tools to enhance their designs. They or similar code is useful, no doubt. But WordPress is specifically created for those who aren’t designers (the effect being that Dreamweaver designers give up clear, direct, simple control over their design values, an unnecessary complication)”
With this insight, please call me if you need a website designed to promote and inform about your products, services and ideas. If working with WordPress is your desire, we can do that, but now you understand why that might not be the most efficient approach. From CMS sites you update, to simple informational sites we update on your behalf (and hybrids!), Media Architects is pleased to MARKET your product on the internet and coach you towards useful Social Media to gain ever more attention to your site and good SEO results (Search Engine Optimization).

~ Isa Cann

Our aching planet just needs you to be thoughtful as you plow into your next venture. If you are, everyone wins, and wins sustainably into the indefinite future.

A Sustainable business considers the impacts of every facet of its operation and then attempts to address each, from paper consumption to human resources, in a way that does, ideally, no harm. Instead it supports the regeneration of resources for infinite future use and enjoyment. A sustainable business plan affirmatively avoids “burning anything out”, from trees to human health, while it marches towards economic development. “Growth for the sake of growth is the philosphy of a cancer cell” .

The model of Sustainable [Economic] Development, what I have named “Sustonomy”, is a goal whose bar is quite high but for which we make the reach anyhow, knowing that the planet we live on has reached its limit. Opportunities for Green businesses are myriad – and necessary.

If you are considering a business founded in the principles and theories of Sustainable Development, I am currently composing a book list that will entice the beginner with new Green business dreams. If you send me an email, when I’ve completed the list I’ll send you a copy.

What you are missing is a marketing department. It’s not well enough that you can talk about your business, but can you sell it? A marketing person takes what he or she know about your business, understands the audiences for the products or services, and proceeds to sculpt the media, from websites to brochures, just for whom it’s intended.

The marketing staff, even if just one dedicated person, looks at your business differently than you do, intentionally through the eyes of the consumer.

Even larger companies are getting rid of their marketing departments. Such a mistake. To remove this element from your development mix means sinking to the bottom of visibility in the marketplace, when actually, with the economy as it is, you need more visibility than ever! Imagine this, you stay visible with the appropriate marketing for your organization and you may be the more than satisfied “last guy standing”.

I am not so callous to want anyone to lose their business, but the alternative to getting in front of eyeballs in the marketplace is invisibility. One day, when someone considers calling your business for a service but then recalls they haven’t seen you Online, in ads (when you used to advertise regularly, remember) or anywhere else, they might just think you are -well – dead in the water.

There is no moral. This isn’t about morals, it’s about business sense. Keep your marketing staff! If that is not possible than hire a company like ours to assume the tasks for you. Don’t allow yourself to be perceived as another business that had to close.